Tips For A Stress-Free House Move

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Moving house is a bit like having a baby or getting divorced – it is up there with the three most stressful things you can go through, usually with delays along the way. While everything always works out in the end, there are a few steps you can take to make selling your home a success. 
The number one top tip for selling a house is to de-clutter. This makes the rooms look larger and gives the potential new buyers a better imagination on what it would be like to live there. If you are viewing a house which is packed full of clutter and personal items, it will be very hard to imagine it as your home. Clear out as much as you realistically do not need, to make your house as appealing as possible.  
Most people own more than they’ll admit they need. So why not use your upcoming house move to reassess what you actually need, and what you might be holding on to for possibly sentimental reasons, that you know you’ll never need.
Tips for a stress free house move.
1 - Sort through things into the following categories.  
a) The Items you know you don’t need – Do you really need that bread maker? You know it’s been at the back of the cupboard since you last made bread in Lockdown 2020. If the items have some potential value or might be able to be used by someone else, then make use of your local Facebook selling pages to make a bit of extra cash, or donate your items to a local Charity shop who will be grateful for your unwanted items. 
b) Things that have no value that are essentially only suitable for the local tip or recycling centre, that are gathering dust and just taking up room. We all have things in the loft or the shed that are taking up space that need to go to the tip, we just haven’t got round to getting there yet.  
c) The items that you don’t need right now, but will need in the next house, for example furniture, or seasonal items that you know you won’t need in the next few months. These items can go in to storage, even if you just get a small storage unit for those boxes of holiday clothes, or ornaments that just help things look a bit less cluttered. This helps your house to look tidier and make it easier to sell. By putting things in to storage early, you could potentially also cut down your removal costs. 

2 – Ensure that you use a removal company who can understand the size of the job and meet your required needs. The last thing you want is for some man in a Luton van to turn up on your moving day, to move the contents of your four-bedroom home. Make sure your removal company understand what is required, to take away that other level of stress. We have a removal company who we work with and recommend, and since we trust them, we can allow them access to your storage unit with your permission to unload/load your items, so you don’t even need to be here on moving day. You can spend your time focussing on the more important things of the house move.
3 – Clearly label all boxes, whether they are going into a storage unit or they’re just for moving day. Label them with the room and contents, for example ‘Charlie’s Bedroom, stuffed animals’. This will help your removal company know which room they’re taking the boxes to – saving you time moving them around again and opening each one several times.  
4 – Don’t over-fill boxes – a box should close with a flat top and base, but also don’t under-fill a box either. If you under-fill a box your items will move around and may end up damaged. Ensure your fragile items are well wrapped and carefully packed. Ask your removal company about wardrobe boxes, these are a convenient way of transporting your clothes rather than stuffing them all in suitcases.

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