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The summer is finally here and if you’re anything like me then you’re looking forward to some time off work or even booking a little holiday. If, however, you’re planning a longer trip, or you’re thinking of packing up and going travelling, then you’re surely wondering where you might end up putting your life long belongings in your absence. Many people choose to rent out their homes while away for longer periods and opt for self storage for their items, but if you’re going away for a shorter time and don’t want to run the risk of leaving your valuables in your home, then why not choose your favourite items to be placed in to a self storage unit. The security at Big Bull Self Storage really is second to none, so you wont need to worry about a thing while you're away. We have taken the security measures really seriously here and covered every eventuality, with 24 Hour monitored CCTV covering the whole site and extra high anti climb fence, along with many other security features. We even had one customer say the reason he chose us was 'because it was like Fort Knox’.

No need to worry while you're away.

Some top tips for using self storage while going abroad and travelling.

1 - Clearly label all boxes, whether you are going to be using a storage unit for a couple of months or a few years, you'll soon forget what is in each box. Label them with the room and contents, for example ’Garage, Dave's Tools'. This means you can grab the more important things as soon as you get back, and worry about the less important things later. 

2 - Make sure you pack your unit in the order of what you'll need when you get back home. For example those tools and business equipment can probably wait, whereas you'll need your boxes of winter clothes to hand when you return from the warmer climates. Make sure these boxes are near the front for easy access.
3 - Don’t over-fill boxes – a box should close with a flat top and base, but also don’t under-fill a box either. If you under-fill a box your items will move around and may end up damaged. Ensure your fragile items are well wrapped and carefully packed. Ask your local removal company about wardrobe boxes, these are a convenient way of transporting and storing your clothes rather than stuffing them all in suitcases. Vacuum pack your clothes, you'll save more space this way and it's an extra layer of protection for your beloved Christmas woolly jumpers.

So if you want to worry less about how safe and secure your beloved items are while you’re away, then get in touch to see how Big Bull Self Storage can help you. Whether you're hiking up a hill, or soaking up the sun on a beach, you can enjoy your time away with the knowledge that we are looking after your items for you. If you're a student going on a gap year, why not arrange with your friends to share a unit, that way you know all your items are together and you'll save money by sharing the space. Then you can always get your friend to drop off a few boxes to save you a trip to site.

With 24 Hour access you'll be able to come to site as soon as you land at the airport, whether that is midday or midnight you can come and collect your boxes. There is a really clever sizing calculator that you can use to make it easier to ascertain how much space you’ll need, also potentially saving you money if you realise you can get everything in to a smaller container. It’s a useful tool where you choose what items you have from each room, how many boxes etc and it’ll work out which size unit is best for you, from the comfort of your own home. Give it a go now -  What’s even better, you can change the size of your unit at any time, so if the space isn’t quite right for you, or your circumstances change during your stay with us, then you can swap your unit over for something more convenient. It really is as flexible as that.  We don't just use standard shipping containers, we have them modified to make them much better for self storage purposes. Standard shipping containers don't have enough ventilation, but we add extra vent to ours to ensure air flow.
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