Self Storage For Business

Self Storage for Business use and Self Employed Trades people

Self storage units have many uses, and aside from moving house, the most popular use is for business storage. Small business owners, self employed tradespeople and entrepreneurs often find they need more space to store paperwork, tools, materials and equipment. You won’t need many of your tools on every job, and you certainly won't want to carry them around in your van every day, so a storage unit is a handy place to keep them. You can visit on the way to each job, or at the end of each day to unload as you won’t want to risk leaving it in your van overnight. By keeping your valuable items in a secure storage unit, there is less risk of equipment being stolen should thieves target your van. Peace of mind is priceless, and there’ll be no need for one of those ‘no tools stored in this van’ sticker. You’ll want to ensure your items are dry, safe, secure and you’ll need 24 hour monitored CCTV so your stock, equipment and tools are watched 24 hours a day. 

Theft of tools from vans has increased dramatically over recent years. Methods of theft range from the traditional smash-and-grab, causing significant damage to the van and use of skeleton keys to key signal hacking or the ‘relay method’. Tools are a particularly valuable part of your kit, but having your tools stolen from your work van costs more than the value of the tools themselves. The insurance excess will inevitably increase, but more immediately there’s the cost of your lost business. If your van is off the road getting repaired and you don’t have your tools to hand, you wont be able to work. Unfortunately this means lost income for however long it takes to gather the funds to replace your lost items and pay for the repairs to your van. We also do vehicle storage in our designated parking area, so not only can you store your tools and equipment in self storage knowing they're safe and secure, but you can also store your work vehicle here to keep it safe instead of leaving it on your drive over night. The area (like the whole site) is covered by CCTV which is monitored 24 hours a day. When customers come in to the office and see our CCTV screen, they really are impressed that we really have covered every spot. So why not take a self storage container and a parking space together, you can park your works vehicle in it over night when you don't need it, and park your car there through the day while you're out on a job. Have a look at our vehicle parking options, we have spaces for cars, vans, motorhomes, caravans here, spaces are limited so ask us about availability today -

At Big Bull Self Storage we fully understand that self storage isn’t just a short term solution for house movers, but is also a secure long term solution for business needs. We have customers here of all sizes, from small independent business owners renting out 25sqft for a bit of extra space, through to much larger self employed tradespeople taking several units for all their equipment. We even have companies using us for their paperwork archiving as they know its the safe, secure, dry option for their documents. Our customers love how secure their stock and tools are, and with the choice of seven unit sizes available, they can get something perfect for their needs. You can use the online calculator to help work out how much space you’ll need and change your unit size at any time if your circumstances change, as we are fully flexible. Short term leases are available from just one month and no business rates to pay. With 24 hour PIN code access to the drive up units, you can come and go as you please and park right outside your unit for easy loading and unloading.

24 Hour access for those early jobs.

Use our online sizing calculator here to see how much space you'll need - Once you have found the size you need, have a look at the unit here - Once you're happy with the size, you can get prices for that size, and even reserve online here - If you would like to have a look at our online gallery showing the site and some features, click here

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At Big Bull Self Storage, we don't just use standard shipping containers, we have them modified to make them much better for self storage purposes. Standard shipping containers don't have enough ventilation, but we add extra vents to ours to ensure air flow.  We have various unit sizes to suit every potential requirement. So whether you’re looking for a small unit to store a few items from just one room, or you’re doing a full house renovation, then we are here to help you. We have temporary and permanent units available for long or short term use and our dedicated and experienced team can help you decide what size unit you’ll need. 

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