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With the brighter days now upon us, Spring is finally here. I’m certainly not sad to see the back of Winter and the cold rainy days. So, what better time to have a spring clean and sort out that spare room, or garage in time for the long Summer evenings. Have a sort through anything you don’t need, do you really need that exercise bike? You know it’s been used as a clothes rack for years and you have no intention on using it! So instead of letting it gather dust - and random items of clothing, sell it on Facebook or your take it to the local recycling centre and think about putting your seasonal items in to storage. We have a look at a few tips for a successful spring clean.

Spring Cleaning

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

1 - A great tip for decluttering is to start off small, don't tell yourself that you're doing the whole house in a day, as that probably wont happen and you're setting yourself up for disappointment when you can't complete that mammoth task in a few hours. So start small, start with one room at a time and set yourself a realistic goal.

2 - Another great idea for keeping on top of the cleaning and tidying, is to make sure that when you leave a room, you take something with you - how many times have you walked past those toiletries on the stairs before taking them upstairs? If you're always tripping over the children's toys, then make it a habit to put one thing away, or take it back to it's correct place each time you leave a room. Let's face it, we know we'll end up asking the children 26 times to pick it up before they actually listen.

3 - You don't need to buy expensive cleaning products and gadgets, you can pick up all the essentials in your local supermarket. Get some disinfectant that smells nice, there are lots of different scents available these days, so choose one you like and you'll enjoy sprucing up your home. 

4 - When trying to decide what to keep or what to get rid of, take in to consideration, have you used it recently? Do you really need it? Could you replace it later if you changed your mind? If you don't need it and think someone else can benefit from it, then donate it to a local charity shop. We are in Highbridge, and there are several great charity shops in Burnham on Sea and Highbridge who would love to take your unwanted items. Have a look at the stuff you don't need which is just taking up space, and decide if it can be sold, needs to go to the recycling centre, or in the bin. If you feel like there are some items you would still like to keep, but you don't need them right now and they're just in your way. Then why not put them in to self storage. For example, self storage is really popular with people needing seasonal storage for their camping gear, caravan equipment and other seasonal items that they wont need for a while, and just don't have the space at home for. We have smaller spaces available for just a few camping items or bigger units available for the full contents of a caravan and awning etc.
At Big Bull Self Storage, we have self storage units of all sizes to suit your needs. So whether you’re looking for a small unit for a couple of months to store your seasonal items, you’re moving house and need a larger unit, or you’re self-employed and need one long term, we have units here for you. Our flexibility means you can change to a different size unit at any time if your requirements change. The site only opened in July 2022, but the drive-up units are proving to be really popular due to the excellent security features, 24-hour access and as the site is fully illuminated you know you’ll have full visibility at all hours. Customers are also really impressed with the brand new units being fully ventilated and dry. We don't just use standard shipping containers, we have them modified to make them much better for self storage purposes. Standard shipping containers don't have enough ventilation, but we add extra vent to ours to ensure air flow. It’s free to reserve online meaning you have full flexibility, so reserve now and move in later. You don’t need an appointment so come and see us and we can do the reservation for you.

What’s even better, is our location couldn’t be more perfect as we are right next to the recycling centre on Isleport Business Park in Highbridge, meaning you can tick off two jobs on your list in one go! We're easy to find, whether you're coming from Burnham on Sea or Highbridge, have a look at the directions and how to find us - https://www.bigbullstorage.co.uk/drivingtotheunit The drive-up units mean you can get your car or removal van right up to the door for easy unloading as we have wide lanes for even larger vehicle access. Use our handy sizing calculator now to help you see what size is best for you - https://www.bigbullstorage.co.uk/unitsizecalculator or give us a call now 01278 681440 to let us help you decide what size unit you might need. You can also have a look at the unit sizes available, we have photos of the different units so you can have a look and work out what you might need - https://www.bigbullstorage.co.uk/unitsizes
And once you have a good idea, you can click through to our ‘See Prices’ page for a free quote and reserve online - https://www.bigbullstorage.co.uk/sites/highbridge-storage-unit-prices-self-storage-units
Or call us and we will happily talk you through your options.
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