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It’s that time of year again when avid campers and festival fans will be looking at packing up their seasonal gear and putting it away for the winter. You’ve enjoyed the long summer evenings toasting marshmallows with a nice cold drink, sat on fold up furniture around the campfire and you’re getting ready to pack up the car for that relentless drive home. You’ve pulled down the awning, battled with the gale force winds and had a fight with the tent, but it’s finally packed back in the ridiculously small bag after performing some kind of magic trick to get it back in there. Now you’re wondering what to do with all the gear until next year. You won’t want to leave it in your caravan, in fact it’s better to keep your items out of the caravan to keep them safe and secure. You’re probably not wanting to put it in the loft or shed, after all, who has space for all of that in their garage? So, it might be a good idea to look at self storage. A small self storage unit can be a low cost, secure option for your summer kit for the winter months until you’re ready to face the tent pegs again next year. Plenty of customers love the flexibility of self storage being a convenient way to store the things they don’t need right now. Should you need to pop over to check your sleeping bags are all tucked up for the winter, make sure you choose somewhere with 24 hour access and lighting throughout the site so you can see what you’re doing while you’re there. Big Bull Self Storage have plenty of seasonal customers storing camping gear, our flexible booking system mean that people can stay for as long as they like, we have seasonal customers who book for the winter to store the contents of their caravan or tents etc, knowing they can move out as soon as the sun comes back.

Seasonal storage - Long and short term rentals.

We look at a few top tips for storing your camping gear through the winter.

1 - First things first, you will need to make sure your tent, awning and anything you plan on storing has been cleaned and dried out nicely before going in to storage. Get the tent out again, air it out and prevent damage from damp by ensuring it is completely dry before packing away. The last thing you want is to get it all out next Summer to go camping and it's damp, smelly and damaged from mould because it hasn't been correctly stored.

2 - Use clear stackable plastic containers, so you can clearly see what you have in each container, and you can stack them nicely ensuring to maximise the space you have available. You can also label all the boxes and make a note of the things that you might need to replace next year. For example if you accidentally rip a sleeping bag zip then you might want to make a note of what you'll need to replace before packing it away. My advise would be to get rid of it right away, instead of storing it and forgetting about it.

3 - Use space wisely. Remember you can always add shelving or racking options to your storage unit to maximise space. You don't have to stand your kayaks up on their ends, you could hang them from the walls or lay them flat on a racking unit. There are many ways to maximise your storage space by making use of the facilities on offer. Using vacuum bags for bigger bulkier items such as blankets and sleeping bags, will not only reduce the space you are using, but it will also keep them fresher for next year. After all, space really does matter when putting the seasonal equipment in to self storage as you'll likely want to try and keep it in the smallest space possible.

4 - Remove all batteries from your items before going in to self storage. All campers will know that a lot of their gear will be battery powered. You will want to remove the batteries from the torches and radios or anything else you might be needing to store, to prevent them corroding or leaking and damaging your seasonal goods. Remove the batteries and store them in a labelled plastic tub so you can quickly find them when needed.

At Big Bull Self Storage we have plenty of seasonal customers looking to store the contents of their caravan and awning, their camping gear, or various other summer items such as jet skis, canoes and fishing gear. We have smaller units available now for immediate rent, or you can reserve for a date that suits you, so why not call us to reserve a smaller unit now, to see how we can help you and advise the best storage solution for your needs. As we have long term and short term rentals available, you'll never feel tied in, you can leave once the sun pops out again.

We're easy to find, so whether you're coming from Burnham on Sea or Highbridge, have a look at the directions and how to find us between Bridgwater and Weston Super Mare - The drive-up units mean you can get your car or removal van right up to the door for easy unloading as we have wide lanes for even larger vehicle access. We are close to popular fishing sites and camping resorts in Burnham-on-Sea, Berrow and Brean, so why not call in to see us on your way back to the motorway.

At Big Bull Self Storage, we don't just use standard shipping containers, we have them modified to make them much better for self storage purposes. Standard shipping containers don't have enough ventilation, but we add extra vents to ours to ensure air flow.  We have various unit sizes to suit every potential requirement. We have temporary and permanent units available for long or short term solutions to your self storage needs and our dedicated and experienced team can help you decide what size unit you’ll need.

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Plenty of smaller units available for seasonal use, like camping gear, caravan equipment and fishing gear.


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