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As the peak season for renovating is approaching, we look at ways you can achieve a successful renovation. The most popular time to refurbish a house is May-July due to the lower risks of environmental factors like uncertain weather such as strong winds and heavy rain. Whether you’re just giving one room a lick of paint, or you have a much bigger project to undertake, simple planning can ensure a smooth finish all round. While some people meticulously plan every option and eventuality and have already chosen and purchased their new light fittings and have ‘To-Do’ lists as long as their arm. Others will make these decisions while sat in their PJ’s watching DIY SOS and decide at the drop of a hat that they’re now in decorating mode and they can in actual fact replicate Nick Knowles and the team. There are a few things you can do to help make your renovation go as smoothly as possible – whether you are the ‘Precise Planner’ or the ‘Last minute Larry’.

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Setting goals and being realistic will help you to understand the requirements and what is actually achievable within the time frame and budget that you have. While it’s great to aim high, if it’s just not possible then you’ll only feel deflated when you can’t complete the huge job you’d hoped for. So have an open mind and try not to be too set on an idea if it’s just not sensible or simply out of budget. You might love the idea of an Island in the kitchen, or a loft extension, but will it really fit and be practical? Write a list and put everything in order of what needs to be done and potential obstacles that may occur. If you need an architect then ensure you sit down with a cuppa and go over everything you’re looking for and all potential eventualities. Make sure you use reputable tradespeople. Check their reviews, ask friends and family for recommendations and ensure they understand your expectations from the start. Don’t be afraid to speak to more than one builder/electrician etc, you’ll gain a better understanding on what is possible and having another quote to compare will give you more options to consider. Each person you speak to will have a different opinion and advice to offer, so don’t be shy in letting them know you’re going to speak to other people for advice too. The last thing you want is an inexperienced cowboy turning up on the day to carry out your project and just not really knowing what he should be doing or what you expect the end result to look like.
It might be a sensible idea to put the items you won’t need while you renovate, into self storage. You want to have as much room for the tins of paint and materials without knocking anything over. Think back to Nick Knowles and the team, they always start with completely empty rooms to make sure they have enough space to move around. Clear out the furniture, boxes and seasonal items like camping gear and give yourself more space, you’ll reduce the chance of flicking paint on anything valuable or knocking over that vase that Auntie Vera gave you. You can also store any new items in your storage unit until you’re ready to unveil your finished project, so you can still go out and buy all your new furniture and fancy mirror and store them in your self storage container without the risk of damage.      
If you’re having the garden refurbished, then why not book your garden furniture, parasol and bbq in to self storage to make a bit more space while your landscaper undertakes his work. If you have a bigger job, then why not let us arrange your removals for you. Make sure your removal company understand what is required, to take away that other level of stress. We have a local removal company who we work with and recommend, and since we trust them, we can allow them access to your storage unit with your permission to unload/load your items, so you don’t even need to be here on moving day.

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At Big Bull Self Storage, we don't just use standard shipping containers, we have them modified to make them much better for self storage purposes. Standard shipping containers don't have enough ventilation, but we add extra vents to ours to ensure air flow.  We have various unit sizes to suit every potential requirement. So whether you’re looking for a small unit to store a few items from just one room, or you’re doing a full house renovation, then we are here to help you. We have temporary and permanent units available for long or short term use and our dedicated and experienced team can help you decide what size unit you’ll need. You can pop over to see us in Highbridge (Near Burnham on Sea) and we can show you the units, so you can then decide on what space you’ll need. You can also use our sizing calculator on the website to add the items from each room to work out what size unit you’ll need. Then you can click through to ‘See Prices’ for a free quote once you know what size you'll likely need. You can even reserve your storage unit from the comfort of your own home. We are flexible too, meaning you can change the move in date if anything changes too as we understand that things can change along the way. If you want to come over and see us, you can find directions from Highbridge and Burnham on Sea here as we are located close to the Junction 22 of the M5, between Weston-super-Mare and Bridgwater in Somerset-

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